Cause List

E.g., 27/10/2020
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
36101 EPF 550/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Sri Venkateshwara Best School Of English RPFC Bangalore Closed
36102 EPF 551/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal SSS Enginering Ltd APFC Bangalore Closed
36103 EPF 552/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Premier Tili Work RPFC, Mangalore Closed
36104 EPF 554/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Macmillan India LTd RPFC Bangalore Closed
36105 EPF 555/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Sai Secruity RPFC, Mangalore Closed
36106 EPF 556/2017 Section 14B&7Q EPF Appeal South Eastern Roadways APFC, Bangalore Closed
36107 EPF 562/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Chinmay Mission APFC, Bangalore Appeal is Allowed
36108 EPF 567/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Natural Textiles Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore Appeal is dismissed for non-prosecution
36109 EPF 574/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Express Publications (Madurai) Ltd. APFC, Hubli Closed
36110 EPF 577/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Sentinel Security APFC, Bangalore Appeal is dismissed for non-prosecution
36111 EPF 578/2017 Section 7A & 7B EPF Appeal Canopy Dwellings (P) Ltd. APFC, Bangalore Closed
36112 EPF 579/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Caw & Cane APFC, Bangalore Closed
36113 EPF 582/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Tumkur Pattana Sahakari bank Niyamitha APFC, Bangalore Closed
36114 EPF 583/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Fortis Hospital RPFC, Bangalore Closed
36115 EPF 511/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Intex-II RPFC, Bangalore 16/12/2020 Arguments
36116 EPF 517/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal JD Clothing Co. RPFC, Bangalore 16/12/2020 Appearance
36117 EPF 536/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal The Comptroller KVA & PSU Bidar APFC, Gulbarga 16/12/2020 Objection Statement
36118 EPF 497/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Lundbeck India Pvt. Ltd. APFC, Bangalore 14/12/2020 Arguments
36119 EPF 496/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Mescom RPFC, Udupi 11/12/2020 Objection Statement
36120 EPF 504/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Karnataka State Beverages APFC, Bangalore 11/12/2020 Objection Statement
36121 EPF 506/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Mescom O&M Division RPFC, Mangalore 11/12/2020 Arguments
36122 EPF 533/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Denim Works RPFC, Bangalore 10/12/2020 Objection Statement
36123 EPF 507/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Bagalkot Cement and Industries Ltd. RPFC, Raichur 09/12/2020 Arguments
36124 EPF 508/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Shushruti Souharda Sahakara Bank Niyamita RPFC, Bangalore 01/12/2020 Objection Statement
36125 EPF 532/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Indus Fila Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 26/11/2020 Appearance
36126 EPF 524/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Leo Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Udupi 25/11/2020 Arguments
36127 EPF 505/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal GIntex-I RPFC, Bangalore 24/11/2020 Appearance
36128 EPF 512/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Wear Craft Apparels RPFC, Bangalore 24/11/2020 Arguments
36129 EPF 519/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Unique Creation Unit I RPFC, Bangalore 24/11/2020 Arguments
36130 EPF 520/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Unique Creation Unit I RPFC, Bangalore 24/11/2020 Appearance
36131 EPF 534/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Indus Fila Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 23/11/2020 Appearance
36132 EPF 513/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Shri Kshetya Dharamshthala Rural Development Project APFC, Mangalore 20/11/2020 Arguments
36133 EPF 539/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Gulvady Tile Co. Ltd. RPFC, Mangalore 20/11/2020 Appearance
36134 EPF 544/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Jamiyanthilal Falash RPFC, Mangalore 19/11/2020 Appearance
36135 EPF 498/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Vishnu Regency APFC, Chikmagalur 18/11/2020 Objection Statement
36136 EPF 499/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Vishnu Krupa Loges APFC, Chikmagalur 18/11/2020 Arguments oral / written
36137 EPF 500/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Vishnu Refreshments APFC, Chikmagalur 18/11/2020 Arguments
36138 EPF 530/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Renukacahrya Education Society APFC, Bellary 18/11/2020 Arguments
36139 EPF 542/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Mis Bamboo Grave 'B' Estate APFC, Mysore 12/11/2020 Orders
36140 EPF 501/2017 Section 14B&7Q EPF Appeal New Generation Apparels RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36141 EPF 502/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Gokula Das India RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36142 EPF 509/2017 Section 14B&7Q EPF Appeal Global Garments Unit-I RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36143 EPF 514/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Hinduja Sports Wear RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36144 EPF 515/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Balaji Finishing House RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36145 EPF 518/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal NSL Sugar (Thungabhadra) Ltd. RPFC, Bellary 11/11/2020 Written Arguments to be submit in office on or before 11/11/2020
36146 EPF 522/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Triangle Apparels RPFC, Bangalore 11/11/2020 Arguments
36147 EPF 525/2017 Section 7A&7B EPF Appeal Ismart Global Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 09/11/2020 Objection Statement
36148 EPF 516/2017 Section 14B &7Q EPF Appeal Tulsi Engineering Works RPFC, Bangalore 06/11/2020 Arguments
36149 EPF 526/2017 Section 7C EPF Appeal Shri Satyam Techno Park RPFC, Gulbarga 05/11/2020 Objection Statement
36150 EPF 510/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Vigneshwara Security Service RPFC, Mysore 04/11/2020 Arguments