Welcome To Central Government Industrial Tribunal

Central Government Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Courts (CGIT-cum-LCs) have been set up under the provisions of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 for adjudication of industrial disputes arising in Central Sphere. There are 22 CGIT-cum-LCs set up in various States. The CGIT-cum-LC No.1, Mumbai and CGIT-cum-LC, Kolkata also function as National Tribunals.

The CGIT-cum-LCs have been set up with the objective of maintaining peace and harmony in the industrial sector by quick and timely disposal of industrial disputes through adjudication so that industrial growth does not suffer on account of any widespread industrial unrest.

Consequent upon amendment to ID Act, 1947 and EPF & MP Act, 1952 through Finance Act, 2017, these CGITs/NITs are now also mandated to adjudicate appeals arising out of Employees` Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act,1952.