Cause List

E.g., 27/10/2020
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
36051 EPF 596/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Elegant Home Textiles APFC, Bangalore 28/10/2020 Arguments
36052 EPF 644/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal NSL Sugars (Tungabhadra) Ltd. RPFC, Bellary 28/10/2020 Arguments
36053 EPF 597/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Hutti Gold Mines Company Ltd. APFC, Bellary Closed
36054 EPF 603/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal M. Venatesh Cleaning Contractor APFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
36055 EPF 605/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Mayuri Family Restaurant APFC, Bangalore Dismissed for non-prosecution
36056 EPF 622/2017 Section 7Q EPF Appeal Coorg Coffee Tea Estate APFC, Mysore Closed
36057 EPF 623/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Father Muller Charitable Institutios RPFC, Mangalore Closed
36058 EPF 627/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Adithya Designs Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore Dismissed for default
36059 EPF 637/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Euro Industrial Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. APFC, Bellary Closed
36060 EPF 639/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal The Hariyur Urban Coop. Bank Ltd. APFC, Bellary Closed
36061 EPF 640/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Schevaran Laboratories Pvt APFC, Mysore Appeal is dismissed for non-prosecution
36062 EPF 642/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Hotel Sharavathi APFC, Bangalore Closed
36063 EPF 643/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Regional Research Station University of Agriculture Research Science APFC, Raichur Closed
36064 EPF 646/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Tata Capital Forex Ltd. APFC, Bangalore Appeal is dismissed for non-prosecution
36065 EPF 559/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal IMO Communication (P) Ltd APFC, Bangalore 16/12/2020 Objection Statement
36066 EPF 575/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Green Agro Pack (P) Ltd. APFC, Shivamogga 11/12/2020 Objection Statement
36067 EPF 592/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Gokaldas Well RPFC, Bangalore 08/12/2020 Arguments
36068 EPF 593/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal P. Vijayadeva Reddy RPFC, Bangalore 08/12/2020 Arguments
36069 EPF 586/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Velam Textiles (P) LTd. APFC, Mysore 03/12/2020 Appearance
36070 EPF 581/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Seva Sagar Trust RPFC, Shimoga 27/11/2020 Objection Statement
36071 EPF 560/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal NK Desi APFC, Bangalore 26/11/2020 Arguments
36072 EPF 568/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Ikhlas Education Trust APFC, Shivamogga 25/11/2020 Arguments
36073 EPF 558/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Coronet Tile Co. APFC, Mangalore 20/11/2020 Objection Statement
36074 EPF 563/2017 Sectin 14B &7Q EPF Appeal Gulvady Tile Co. Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Mangalore 20/11/2020 appearance
36075 EPF 565/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Kasturba Hospital APFC Udupi 20/11/2020 Arguments
36076 EPF 572/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Moti Mahal Hotel RPFC, Mangalore 18/11/2020 Arguments
36077 EPF 576/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Dharma Jyoti Social Centre APFC, Mangalore 17/11/2020 Appearance
36078 EPF 584/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Hikal Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 17/11/2020 Arguments
36079 EPF 573/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal AL Ameen Trust RPFC, Chikmagalur 16/11/2020 Arguments
36080 EPF 548/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal MPS Ltd. RPFC Bangalore 13/11/2020 Objection Statement
36081 EPF 587/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal TTP Technologies (P) Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 13/11/2020 Arguments
36082 EPF 589/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal D. Ganesh Shankar RPFC, Bangalore 13/11/2020 Orders
36083 EPF 566/2017 Section 7B EPF Appeal S.D.Jayaram Hospital & Research centre APFC,Mysore 12/11/2020 Arguments
36084 EPF 594/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Kanaka Credit Coop. APFC, Bareilly 11/11/2020 Objection Statement
36085 EPF 580/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Patel Public School APFC, Bangalore 09/11/2020 Arguments
36086 EPF 590/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Stove Kraft Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Bangalore 06/11/2020 Arguments
36087 EPF 569/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal The Intex-V RPFC, Bangalore 04/11/2020 Arguments
36088 EPF 570/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Global Graments Unit-III RPFC, Bangalore 04/11/2020 Arguments
36089 EPF 571/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Sri Krishna Industries RPFC, Bangalore 04/11/2020 Arguments
36090 EPF 557/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Hotel Srinivas APFC, Mangalore 29/10/2020 Arguments
36091 EPF 588/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Pasari Spinning Mills Ltd. APFC, Mysore 29/10/2020 Objection Statement
36092 EPF 553/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Precites APFC, Bangalore 28/10/2020 Orders
36093 EPF 561/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Electronic Research Pvt. Ltd. APFC, Bangalore 28/10/2020 Arguments
36094 EPF 564/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Shankar Vilted Motar APFC, Mangalore 28/10/2020 Appearance
36095 EPF 591/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Sir Microsystems Ltd. APFC, Bangalore 28/10/2020 Arguments
36096 EPF 595/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal NSL Sugar Thungabhadre Ltd. APFC, Bellary 28/10/2020 Arguments
36097 EPF 585/2017 Section 7A & 7B EPF Appeal Gokak Textile Ltd. RPFC, Hubli 27/10/2020 Documents
36098 EPF 546/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Dandeli Ferro Pvt Ltd APFC Hubli Closed
36099 EPF 547/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal University of Agricultural Science APFC Gulbarga Closed
36100 EPF 549/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal University of Agriculture Science APFC Gulbarga closed