Awards and Judgements/Orders

S.No. Subject Download
1 CGIT, Asansol award dated 24-04-2024 in Ref. No. 111 of 1999 between Kedar Bind Vs. Management of Madhavpur Colliery of ECL Download
2 CGIT, Asansol award dated 06-02-2024 in Ref. No. 22 of 2009 between Ram Sudhar Nunia and 160 others Vs. Management of Jhanjra 1 & 2 Incline and MIC Jhanjra of ECL Download
3 CGIT, Asansol award dated 06-02-2024 in Ref. No. 20 of 2022 between Kalyan Prasad Tewari Vs. Management of Barmondia (A) Colliery of ECL Download
4 CGIT, Asansol award dated 22-2-2023 in Ref. No. 26 of 1993 between Nabin Majhi Vs., Management of Kalipahari(R) Colliery of EC: Download
5 CGIT, Asansol award dated 05-04-2024 in Ref. No. 18 of 2010 between Management of Khandra Colliery of ECL and Kabutori Dhanger, wife of Late Puna Dhanger Download
6 CGIT, Asansol award dated 16-04-2024 in LC Application No. 04 of 2014 between Director Personnel, ECL , Sanctoria and 2 othersl and Ranjit Banerjee Download
7 CGIT, Asansol award dated 01-04-2024 in Ref. No. 67 of 2005 between Management of Kunustoria Colliery of ECL and Subhas Bouri Download
8 CGIT, Asansol award dated26-09-2023 in Ref. No. 69 of 2007 between Management of Monoharbahal Colliery of ECL and Sunil Majhi Download
9 CGIT, Asansol Award dated 14-02-2024 in Ref. No. 49 of 2008 between Management of Lachipur Colliery Vs Dependents of Momin Sekh: Download
10 CGIT, Asansol award dated13-09-2023 in Application No. 06 of 2018 between General Manager, Sodepur Area of ECL Vs. Bideshi Kora Download