Cause List

E.g., 19/07/2024
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
65801 CR 148/2007 Dismissal ID B G Varadaraju F C I Closed
65802 CR 152/2007 Termination ID A Willing Dongston W & A Plant Closed
65803 CR 154/2007 Termination ID R Shyam Sunder B O B Closed
65804 CR 158/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Rajaiah M M L Closed
65805 CR 159/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID C N Nanjundegowda M M L Closed
65806 CR 160/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID H N Siddaraju M M L Closed
65807 CR 01/2008 Recovery of 25% of salary ID Prabhavathi S B I Closed
65808 CR 10/1988 Dismissal ID Rama Rao K B L Award Passed
65809 CR 71/1990 Termination ID Nagendrappa A S I For Award
65810 CR 27/1993 Termination ID Vasudeva K S C B I AWARD PASSED
65811 CR 36/1993 Dismissal ID Chiranjeevi C B I Reserved for Award
65812 CR 253/1997 Promotion ID Jagannath N M P T Reserved for Award
65813 CR 02/1998 Regularisation ID Secretary C W C RESERVED FOR AWARD
65814 CR 44/1998 Dismissal ID Shanthakumar B O I Closed
65815 CR 105/1998 Promotion ID Dadunaika N M P T Closed
65816 CR 98/1999 Termination ID Rajashekara S B M Award
65817 CR 16/2000 Re-employment ID D M Nagaraja C S B Closed
65818 CR 42/2000 Demands ID Secretary F C I Closed
65819 CR 71/2000 Termination ID Mahadeva Dena Bank Reserved for Award
65820 CR 22/2001 Refusal of Emp. ID Kishore & others H P C L Closed
65821 CR 45/2001 Demands ID General Secretary M M L Closed
65822 CR 51/2001 Dismissal ID A Chandrakanta Syndicate Bk Closed
65823 CR 56/2001 Absorption ID Hiremath Vijaya Bank Closed
65824 CR 26/2002 Removal ID N Rajanna C S B Closed
65825 CR 27/2002 Tender Rates ID Org. Secretary F C I Closed
65826 CR 54/2002 Denial of work ID V Achari & others H P C L Closed
65827 CR 65/2002 Equal Pay ID Secretary F C I Closed
65828 CR 24/2003 Claiming Wages ID Secretary F C I Closed
65829 CR 25/2003 Ancillary labour Wages ID Secretary F C I Closed
65830 CR 40/2003 Prohibiting ID President S A I Closed
65831 CR 46/2003 Dismissal ID H N Mukunda U B I closed
65832 CR 48/2003 Denying Employment ID President W & A Plant closed
65833 CR 66/2003 Removal ID Benakatti Vijaya Bank Closed
65834 CR 71/2003 Removal ID Uma Bai Torvi Syndicate Bk Closed
65835 CR 17/2004 Reinstatement ID Ameer Jan F C I Closed
65836 CR 32/2004 Regularisation ID Channavenkataiah Canara Bank closed
65837 CR 38/2004 Dismissal ID Sharada Prabhakar Syndicate Bk Reserve for award
65838 CR 46/2004 Dismissal ID B Vageesh Rao Vijaya Bank Reserved for Award
65839 CR 50/2004 Termination ID Narasinga Rao & others Canara Bank Reserved for Award
65840 CR 02/2005 Termination ID Rajakumar C S B Closed
65841 CR 04/2005 Dismissal ID B Balakrishna Reddy Vijaya Bank Closed
65842 CR 16/2005 Dismissal ID R Kodandarama N I A C L Closed
65843 CR 19/2005 Absorption ID Secretary F C I Closed
65844 CR 20/2005 Regularisation ID Kambar B S N L Reserved for Award
65845 CR 23/2005 Dismissal ID Yasmeen Fathima B O I Closed
65846 CR 28/2005 Dismissal ID P Siva Prasad Canara Bank Award
65847 CR 31/2005 Removal ID G S Gopala P N B Reserved for Award
65848 CR 39/2005 Dismissal ID Narayanswamy S R E Closed
65849 CR 46/2005 Regularisation ID R Suresh C K G Bank Closed
65850 CR 51/2005 Discharge ID Venkatesh Murthy S B I Closed