Cause List

E.g., 19/07/2024
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
65751 CR 153/1997 Termination ID P Chandaji Telecom Closed
65752 CR 154/1997 Termination ID B Shivanna Telecom Closed
65753 CR 158/1997 Termination ID Shankar Honda Telecom Closed
65754 CR 160/1997 Termination ID P V Skaniya Telecom Closed
65755 CR 161/1997 Termination ID Naveen Kumar Telecom Closed
65756 CR 58/2007 Termination ID H Nagesh U B I 20/08/2024 Evidence II
65757 CR 146/2007 Compulsory Retire ID S V Bhat Canara Bank 07/08/2024 Stay
65758 CR 17/2006 Termination ID Shivannagowda M M L Closed
65759 CR 18/2006 Reduction of Basic Pay ID Jane Syndicate Bk Reserved for Award
65760 CR 19/2006 Regularisation ID General Secretary N M P T Closed
65761 CR 23/2006 Stoppage of 5 inc. ID K M Bhagya S B I Closed
65762 CR 27/2006 Dismissal ID M H Sumesh Corporation Bank Closed
65763 CR 32/2006 Discharge ID V B Shetty S B I Closed
65764 CR 33/2006 Dismissal ID Ramaiah S B I Reserve for award
65765 CR 38/2006 Reducing Rate of H R A ID General Secretary N M P T Award
65766 CR 41/2006 Dismissal ID M Revankar Syndicate Bk Reserved for Award
65767 CR 43/2006 Termination ID Subramani & others S B M Closed
65768 CR 45/2006 Stoppage of 5 inc. ID Jagadish S B I Closed
65769 CR 02/2007 Discharge ID B R Balaji S B T Closed
65770 CR 03/2007 Absorption ID Organising Secretary F C I Closed
65771 CR 04/2007 Revise rate of Interest ID Secretary Vysya Bank CLOSED
65772 CR 16/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Shambegowda M M L Closed
65773 CR 23/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID A Balakrishna M M L Closed
65774 CR 33/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Siddegowda M M L Closed
65775 CR 44/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Mahalingegowda M M L Closed
65776 CR 50/2007 Regularisation ID Mohd. Jabbar C K G Bank Closed
65777 CR 51/2007 Regularisation ID Krishna Murthy S B I Closed
65778 CR 53/2007 Termination ID Thippanna & others S B I Closed
65779 CR 55/2007 Compulsory Retire ID B S Navalghatti Vysya Bank Award
65780 CR 59/2007 Compulsory Retire ID M G Nagaraj Canara Bank Closed
65781 CR 60/2007 Reduction of Basic Pay ID M V Manjunatha Corporation Bank closed
65782 CR 62/2007 Seniority & Promotion ID P S Raghavendra F C I Reserved for Award
65783 CR 68/2007 Dismissal ID P N Vijaya Indian Bank Reserved for Award
65784 CR 79/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Rangamma M M L Closed
65785 CR 88/2007 Termination ID Chidanandacharya Canara Bank Closed
65786 CR 96/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Shirumaniyamma M M L Reserved for Award
65787 CR 98/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID H M Giddegowda M M L Award
65788 CR 106/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID K R Shivanna M M L Closed
65789 CR 108/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID K N N Gowda M M L Closed
65790 CR 117/2007 Termination/Premature Ret. ID H T Rangaiah M M L Closed
65791 CR 122/2007 Termination ID Sathyanarayana N M D C Closed
65792 CR 131/2007 Dismissal ID H S C Pandit Syndicate Bk Closed
65793 CR 138/2007 Compulsory Retire ID Ganganarasimaiah Canara Bank Closed
65794 CR 139/2007 Compulsory Retire ID N Govindaraju Canara Bank Award
65795 CR 140/2007 Dismissal ID D H Sreenivasa Canara Bank Award
65796 CR 141/2007 Regularisation ID Chairman G S I Closed
65797 CR 144/2007 Discharge ID Palakshy S B I closed
65798 CR 145/2007 Termination ID Devakumari C S R T I Closed
65799 CR 148/2007 Dismissal ID B G Varadaraju F C I Closed
65800 CR 152/2007 Termination ID A Willing Dongston W & A Plant Closed