Cause List

E.g., 19/07/2024
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
65701 CGA 02/2011 VRS Benefits ID Shamanna F C I Closed
65702 CR 05/2011 Regularising Services ID Mallappa S B M Award
65703 CR 03/2011 Dismissal ID Nagaveni B O I Closed
65704 CR 16/2008 Compulsory Retire ID R Ramachandraiah Canara Bank 20/08/2024 Cross-Examination of MW 2
65705 CR 18/2008 Reduction of Basic Pay ID M Subramanyam N M P T 23/07/2024 Evidence I
65706 CR 12/2008 Reduction of Basic Pay ID Sudarshan Syndicate Bk Closed
65707 CR 14/2008 Termination ID Narayan & other Air India Limited Closed
65708 CR 15/2008 Compulsory Retire ID Jaitumbi S K Syndicate Bk Reserved for Award
65709 CR 20/2008 Dismissal ID H Somappa Corporation Bank Closed
65710 CR 21/2008 Dismissal ID J Ramdas Indian Airlines Closed
65711 CR 22/2008 Removal ID R Venkatesh Murthy B O B Closed
65712 CR 23/2008 Removal ID R Dichandra Andhra Bank Reserve for award
65713 CR 30/2008 Termination/Premature Ret. ID P Kumar M M L Closed
65714 CR 31/2008 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Manjegowda M M L Closed
65715 CR 32/2008 Termination/Premature Ret. ID K Boregowda M M L RESERVED FOR AWARD
65716 CR 40/2008 Termination/Premature Ret. ID Yashodamma M M L Closed
65717 CR 42/2008 Dismissal ID K Nagireddy S B I Closed
65718 CR 43/2008 Refixation of Pay ID K C Shripathy K I O C L RESERVED FOR AWARD
65719 CR 46/2008 Withdrawal of Allowances ID General Secretary K I O C L Closed
65720 CR 47/2008 Dismissal ID M C Manjula Vijaya Bank CLOSED
65721 CR 50/2008 Termination ID S Krupanidhi B E M L Closed
65722 CR 57/2008 Compulsory Retire ID V Anjanappa Canara Bank Closed
65723 CR 67/2008 Termination/Premature Ret. ID D L Sharadamma M M L Closed
65724 CR 69/2008 Dismissal ID A Markhandan Raju B O I Closed
65725 CR 70/2008 Reduction of Basic Pay ID C S Srinathan UCO Bank Closed
65726 CR 72/2008 Comp. Retiring ID S D Pujari Canara Bank AWARD PASSED
65727 CR 77/2008 Compulsory Retire ID N Mallikarjunan C S R T I Closed
65728 CGA 03/2006 Money Benefits ID Shaik Abdul Rahim S W R Closed
65729 CGA 02/2005 Differential Amount ID Ningappa & others H G M L CLOSED
65730 CGA 01/2009 Service Benefits ID Kalaiselvi S C R Dismissed
65731 Comp 01/2007 Termination ID Reddy F C I Closed
65732 Comp 02/2007 Termination ID Thimmarayappa F C I Closed
65733 Comp 03/2007 Termination ID Jagadeesh F C I Closed
65734 CR 05/2009 Revising Pay Scales ID General Secretary Manipal University Closed
65735 CR 08/2009 Removal ID M I Ismail Baig S B M Closed
65736 CR 09/2009 Termination ID A Sathyanarayana M M L Closed
65737 CR 12/2009 Dismissal ID Purudegowda M M L Closed
65738 CR 15/2009 Bonus ID General Secretary K I O C L Reserved for Award
65739 CR 17/2009 Reduction of Basic Pay ID Srirangaiah Syndicate Bk Closed
65740 CR 19/2009 Termination ID Sadashiva Adyantaya Vijaya Bank Reserve for award
65741 CR 24/2009 Termination ID Ramakrishnan B E M L Closed
65742 CR 25/2009 Removal ID Baligar L I C Closed
65743 CR 30/2009 Discharge ID Radharani Corporation Bank Closed
65744 CR 33/2009 Termination ID Govindappa & others SVM/NETT Project Soln. Closed
65745 CR 36/2009 Termination ID S Chandranna P G Bank Closed
65746 CR 37/2009 Termination ID Thimanna T B O B AWARD PASSED
65747 CR 40/2009 Removal ID P Nagaraj H A L / Ananda Closed
65748 CR 41/2009 Revising Medicare Rules ID President Manipal University Reserve for award
65749 CR 153/1997 Termination ID P Chandaji Telecom Closed
65750 CR 154/1997 Termination ID B Shivanna Telecom Closed