Notices & Circulars

S. No. Subject Download
181 NOTICE Dt. 20-01-2020 CGIT, JABALPUR M.P. Download
182 Notice/circular regarding engagment of consultant (PA) in CGIT, Lucknow Download
183 Notice regarding non-availibility of the Court in r/o CGIT, Lucknow Download
184 No court sitting notice from 13/01/2020 to 17/01/2020 i/r of CGIT, ChennaI Download
185 Defect hearing notice for 22/01/2020 i/r of CGIT, Chennai Download
186 NOTICE Dt. 30-12-2019 CGIT, JABALPUR Download
187 Notice dated 19/12/19 i/r CGIT Chennai Download
188 Leave notice i/r of CGIT, Chennai Download
189 NOTICE Dt. 11-12-2019 CGIT, JABALPUR Download
190 Disclosure U/S 4 of RTI Act Download