Cause List

E.g., 19/09/2019
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
13101 EPF 175/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Agriculture Research Station Gangawathi RPFC, Bellary 15/10/2019 Appearance
13102 EPF 159/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Narayana Guru College RPFC-II, Bangalore 14/10/2019 objection/Arguments
13103 EPF 160/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Narayana Guru English Medium School RPFC, Mangalore 14/10/2019 Arguments
13104 EPF 189/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal BKR Swamy Security Agency RPFC, Shivamogga 11/10/2019 Appearance
13105 EPF 162/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Samson Leather Garments APFC, Bangalore 11/10/2019 To Hear/Say
13106 EPF 177/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Khoday Contact Center APFC, Bangalore 10/10/2019 Appearance
13107 EPF 182/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Kolar Distric Corporation Milk Producers RPFC, Bangalore 10/10/2019 Appearance
13108 EPF 183/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Swamy Vivekananda Rural Educational Society APFC, Bangalore 10/10/2019 Appearance
13109 EPF 185/2017 Sction 7A EPF Appeal Myzas Technologies P.L APFC, Mangalore 10/10/2019 Appearance
13110 EPF 187/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal DTDC Express Ltd RPFC, Bangalore 10/10/2019 Appearance
13111 EPF 163/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Shree Dharamsthala Siri Gramodyoga Samsthe APFC, Mangalore 20/09/2019 Arguments
13112 EPF 170/2017 Section 7A & 7B EPF Appeal Sree Srinivasa Enterprises RPFC, Chikmagalur 19/09/2019 Arguments
13113 EPF 173/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal State of Karnataka RPFC, Chikmagalur 19/09/2019 Appearance
13114 EPF 164/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Jole Clothing Pvt Ltd RPFC-II, Bangalore 19/09/2019 Objection
13115 EPF 188/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Digicaption India Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13116 EPF 168/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Sai Security RPFC & Others, Udupi Date not yet fixed
13117 EPF 179/2017 u/s Recovery 8B EPF Appeal WE HR Business Solutions Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13118 EPF 169/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Bangalore Shirt Co. Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13119 EPF 180/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal SI2 Micro-systems Ltd APFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13120 EPF 181/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Khwaja Exports P.L RPFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13121 EPF 171/2017 Section 7C & 7A EPF Appeal Mangalam Publicaion India Pvt Ltd RPFC-II, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13122 EPF 140/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal SECAB Institute of Enng. & Tech. APFC, Gulbarga Closed
13123 EPF 172/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Embiotic Laboratories Pvt Ltd RPFC-II, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13124 EPF 141/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Lugman Union Medical & Hospital APFC, Gulbarga Closed
13125 EPF 184/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Ghousia Industria; Training Institute APFC, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13126 EPF 142/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Malik Sandal Institute of Art & Architecture APFC, Gulbarga Closed
13127 EPF 143/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal SECAB Association APFC, Gulbarga Closed
13128 EPF 165/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Tirumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd RPFC-II, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13129 EPF 176/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Mysore Minerals RPFC & others, Bangalore Date not yet fixed
13130 EPF 166/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Gericke Vaccum Pumps Pvt Ltd APFC, Mysore Date not yet fixed
13131 EPF 108/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Tirumala Construction & Engg. India Pvt Ltd APFC, Bellary 27/11/2019 Arguments
13132 EPF 109/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal OSS Technologies Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore 20/11/2019 Arguments
13133 EPF 134/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Amrutha Creation RPFC, Bangalore 12/11/2019 Objection
13134 EPF 93/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Dexcel Electronic Design Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore 07/11/2019 Arguments
13135 EPF 137/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal PVS Medical & Cardiac Hospital APFC, Bellary 07/11/2019 Arguments
13136 EPF 138/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Gulvadu Tile Co. Pvt Ltd RPFC, Udupi 07/11/2019 Objection
13137 EPF 130/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Rayen Steels Ltd APFC, Bellary 07/11/2019 Objection
13138 EPF 125/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Prime Agencies APFC, Bangalore 06/11/2019 Arguments
13139 EPF 139/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal MESCOM O&M Division RPFC, Mangalore 06/11/2019 Arguments
13140 EPF 129/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Aditya Auto Products Eng (I) Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore 06/11/2019 Arguments
13141 EPF 106/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Seetha Raghava Education Society APFC, Chikmagalur 05/11/2019 Appearance
13142 EPF 121/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Shilpa Medicare Ltd APFC, Raichur 05/11/2019 Objection Statement
13143 EPF 102/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal India Sugar & Refineries Ltd APFC, Bellary 05/11/2019 Arguments
13144 EPF 133/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Car Automobiles Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore 04/11/2019 Objection
13145 EPF 131/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Jarkal Estate APFC, Chikmagalur 31/10/2019 Objection / arguments
13146 EPF 136/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Vyunki Sannarudrappa Law College APFC, Bellary 30/10/2019 Arguments
13147 EPF 127/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal NSL Sugar (Thungabhadra) Ltd APFC, Bellary 30/10/2019 Arguments
13148 EPF 128/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery APFC, Bangalore 30/10/2019 Arguments
13149 EPF 107/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Rao's Enterprises RPFC, Bangalore 30/10/2019 Arguments
13150 EPF 124/2017 Section 14B 7& 7Q EPF Appeal Designer Suits APFC, Bangalore 23/10/2019 Arguments