Cause List

E.g., 24/06/2021
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
44451 CR 26/2002 Removal ID N Rajanna C S B Closed
44452 CR 27/2002 Tender Rates ID Org. Secretary F C I Closed
44453 CR 54/2002 Denial of work ID V Achari & others H P C L Closed
44454 CR 65/2002 Equal Pay ID Secretary F C I Closed
44455 CR 24/2003 Claiming Wages ID Secretary F C I Closed
44456 CR 25/2003 Ancillary labour Wages ID Secretary F C I Closed
44457 CR 40/2003 Prohibiting ID President S A I Closed
44458 CR 46/2003 Dismissal ID H N Mukunda U B I closed
44459 CR 48/2003 Denying Employment ID President W & A Plant closed
44460 CR 66/2003 Removal ID Benakatti Vijaya Bank Closed
44461 CR 71/2003 Removal ID Uma Bai Torvi Syndicate Bk Closed
44462 CR 17/2004 Reinstatement ID Ameer Jan F C I Closed
44463 CR 32/2004 Regularisation ID Channavenkataiah Canara Bank closed
44464 CR 38/2004 Dismissal ID Sharada Prabhakar Syndicate Bk Reserve for award
44465 CR 46/2004 Dismissal ID B Vageesh Rao Vijaya Bank Reserved for Award
44466 CR 50/2004 Termination ID Narasinga Rao & others Canara Bank Reserved for Award
44467 CR 02/2005 Termination ID Rajakumar C S B Closed
44468 CR 04/2005 Dismissal ID B Balakrishna Reddy Vijaya Bank Closed
44469 CR 16/2005 Dismissal ID R Kodandarama N I A C L Closed
44470 CR 19/2005 Absorption ID Secretary F C I Closed
44471 CR 20/2005 Regularisation ID Kambar B S N L Reserved for Award
44472 CR 23/2005 Dismissal ID Yasmeen Fathima B O I Closed
44473 CR 28/2005 Dismissal ID P Siva Prasad Canara Bank Award
44474 CR 31/2005 Removal ID G S Gopala P N B Reserved for Award
44475 CR 39/2005 Dismissal ID Narayanswamy S R E Closed
44476 CR 46/2005 Regularisation ID R Suresh C K G Bank Closed
44477 CR 51/2005 Discharge ID Venkatesh Murthy S B I Closed
44478 CR 04/2006 Discharge ID L Jayaram Corporation Bank Closed
44479 CR 05/2006 Bilateral Settlement ID General Secretary Syndicate Bk Closed
44480 CR 06/2006 Termination ID President S T L/S A I Closed
44481 CR 10/2006 Dismissal ID B Malleshappa T G Bank AWARD PASSED
44482 CR 13/2006 Compulsory Retire ID V S Basarkod Canara Bank Closed
44483 CR 15/2006 Compulsory Retire ID B M Ramaiah Canara Bank For Award
44484 CR 16/2006 Termination ID Bhagyamma Vijaya Bank Closed
44485 L.C.A. No. 02/2018 Recovery of wages ID Shri Nani Gopal Nath & others Hindusthan Cables Limited 04/08/2021 Hearing on maintainability
44486 Appln. No. 02/2014 Reinstatement and Back Wages ID Shri Jang Bahadur Singh M/s. A.P.P. Enterprise, Ranitla (South) and Another 28/07/2021 Evidence of the Opposite Party
44487 Appln. No. 04/2018 Dismissal ID Md. Tyab Khas Kajora Colliery of M/s. ECL 28/07/2021 Hearing on maintainability
44488 L.C.A. No. 02/2008 Recovery of Dues ID Shri Gora Chand Pati J.K.Nagar Colliery of M/s. ECL 28/07/2021 Argument
44489 L.C.A. No. 01/2008 Recovery of wages ID Shri Kapildev Jha Bhanora West block Colliery of M/s. ECL 27/07/2021 Argument
44490 Misc. No. 06/2010 To set aside the Award passed in Ref. No. 51/2002 ID G.M., Salanpur Area of M/s. ECL Group Secretary, INMOSSA Barmondia Group 27/07/2021 Appearance
44491 Ref. No. 22/2018 House Rent Allowance ID Shri Raghubir Nonia Kalipahari (R) Colliery, ECL 26/07/2021 Filing Written Statements, documents and list of witnesses by parties
44492 Compln. No. 04/2002 Regularization ID J.K.Nagar Aluminium Workers Union, INTUC M/s. Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. & 2 Others 20/07/2021 Appearance
44493 Misc. No. 05/2006 To set aside the Award passed in L.C.A. No. 12/1992 ID Shri Ram Jiwan Jaiswara Naba Kajora Colliery of M/s. ECL 20/07/2021 Appearance
44494 Compln. No. 03/1999 Regularization ID Shri Nanda Lal Dubey Personnel Manager, Central Mine Planning and Design Institute limited & Another 19/07/2021 Appearance
44495 L.C.A. No. 01/2013 Recovery of Retirement benefits ID Shri Jitendra Thakur C.M.O.H, Central Hospital, Kalla of M/s. ECL & Another 19/07/2021 Evidence of the Management
44496 Appln. No. 01/2014 Reinstatement and Back Wages ID Shri Arup Kumar Bouri G.M., Kajora Area of M/s. ECL 19/05/2020 Evidence of the Workman
44497 Misc. No. 03/2010 To set aside the Award passed in Ref. No. 17/2007 ID Islam Mia S.S.I. Unit of Ningah Colliery of M/s. ECL 18/05/2020 Appearance
44498 L.C.A. No. 05/2007 Recovery of wages ID Shri Surendra Dolai Moira Colliery of M/s. ECL 13/05/2020 Evidence of the Workman
44499 L.C.A. No. 02/2013 Recovery of Wages ID Shri Khakru Bhuia Naba Kajora Colliery of M/s. ECL & Another 13/05/2020 Argument
44500 L.C.A. No. 03/2012 Recovery of Dues ID Shri Arjun Paswan & 4 Others Mohanpur Colliery of M/s. ECL & 2 Others 12/05/2020 Argument