Cause List

E.g., 17/11/2019
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
10751 Application No. LC 1/2012 claim of wages Shri Pelu Kora and 24 others The GM, Govinpur Area of M/s BCCL 28/08/2019 Evidence of worman
10752 Application No.LC.1/2007 claim of wages Ranjit Singh Project Officer Muraidih Project of M/S B.C.CL 27/08/2019 Filling W.O by OP Management
10753 Application No. LC 1/2011 claim of wages Smt. Subh Laxmi Devi Diretor Peersonnel M/s BCCL Koyla Bhawan, Koyla Nagar Dhanbad. 27/08/2019 Hearing Petition
10754 Application No.LC.2/2006 claim of wages Doula Miya GM Moonidih Area Of M/S B.C.C.L 22/08/2019 Evidence of OP Management
10755 Application No.LC.3/2006 claim of wages Rajrani Devi GM Katrash area of M/S B.C.C.L 22/08/2019 Evidence of Management
10756 Application No LC.1/2005 claim of wages Karu Das Project Offoce Ramkanali 21/08/2019 Evidence of petitioner
10757 Applicaton No.LC.1/2004 claim of wages Shankar Mahato ProjectOfficer,nudkhurkee,Colly of M/S B.C.C.L 20/08/2019 Hearing Arguement
10758 Application No.LC.2/2004 claim of wages Sukhdev Bhuiya Project Officer Katrash Colly. 20/08/2019 Evidence of petitioner
10759 Application No.LC. 9/2002 claim of wages Mahangu Ram The GM Sijua Area,M/SB.C.C.L 14/08/2019 Evidence of petitioner
10760 Application No.LC .1/2003 claim of wages Chhidi Das GM Katrash area of B.C.C.L 14/08/2019 For Order
10761 Application No.LC.2/2002 claim of wages Naval kishore Mishra and orthers The CMD,M/S B.C.C.L 08/08/2019 filing Morendum of Setalment
10762 Application No. LC.6/2002 claim of wages Ganesh Mahato Lophati colly,M/S B.C.C.L 08/08/2019 Evidence of petitioner
10763 Applacation. No.LC 1/91 claim of wages Mansa Manjhi Bhurungia project of M/S B.C.C.L 31/07/2019 Order
10764 Applacation. No.LC 10/95 claim of wages Prabhu Dayal Balmiki & others Koyla Bhawan, Head Qr. M/s BCCL 31/07/2019 Arguement
10765 Industrial Dispute No 1/2014 Removal of service Sri Karma Manjhi Argada Colliery of M/s CCL 25/07/2019 Filing substitution petition by workman side.
10766 Industrial Dispute No 2/2014 Removal of service Sri Ashok Sirka Group of M/s CCL 25/07/2019 Evidence of the Management on p.p.
10767 Industrial Dispute No 4/2012 Removal of service Sri Tusar Kanti Das Topa Colliery, Kuju Area of M/s CCL 18/07/2019 Evidence of the Management
10768 Applcation No. LC.1/2001 claim of wages Hemchand Mahato Ramkanali Colly, m/s B.C.C.L 08/07/2019 Hearing Arguement
10769 Application No. LC 3/97 claim of wages Kali Pado Mahato Project Officer, Katras Area of M/s BCCL 08/06/2019 Arguement
10770 Application .LC.6/99 claim of wages Mahabir Kumar G M, SE Railway 08/06/2019 Evidence of O,P
10771 Application No. LC 1/2015 claim of wages Shri Gopal Yadav The Project Officer, Mudih Colliery, Sijua , Dhanbad 09/03/2019 For Order
10772 Ref. 9/2018 Reinstate ID Sri Rajiv Kumar Choudhary The GM, Barora Area No.1 of M/s. BCCL 26/09/2019 WS. By management
10773 Ref. 10/2018 Denying payment of wages ID Sri Bharat Kumar Gupta The CMS O/O cms Regional Hospital, Loyabad, Dhanbad 26/09/2019 W.S by workman
10774 Ref. 11/2018 Employment ID Sri Rajesh Manjhi The GM, Mugma Area of M/s ECL 26/09/2019 W.S by workman
10775 Ref. 12/2018 Date of Birth ID Sri Shashi Bhushan Rai The GM Bastacolla Area of M/s BCCL 26/09/2019 W.S by workman
10776 Ref. 3/18 Employmet ID Shri Jairam Kumar dependent S/o Shiranand Chamar The GM, Kusunda of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 w.s by managmengt
10777 Ref. 4/18 Employmet ID Shri Chandra Bhushan Kumar dependent S/o Sri Suresh Prasad Yadav The GM, Kusunda of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 w.s by managmengt
10778 Ref. 5/18 Unfit on Medical ground ID Sri Ramji Saw The GM, Barora Area of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 w.s by managmengt
10779 Ref. 6/18 Termination ID Sri Punit Mahato and 52 others. The GM, Barora Area No.1 of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 w.s by management
10780 Ref. 7/2018 Employment ID Jitendra Kumar The GM, Barora Area No.1 of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 W.S by management
10781 Ref. 8/2018 Date of Birth ID Sri Jai Prakash The GM, Katras Area No.4 of M/s. BCCL 25/09/2019 W.S. by management
10782 Ref.6/17 Termination ID Sri Ramlal Munda The Project Officer, Sounda Colliery Barka Sayal Area of M/s CCL 25/09/2019 W.S by workman
10783 Ref. 7/17 Not paying wages ID Sri Sapan Kr, Tripathy DRM, Area Division South Eastern Railway 25/09/2019 W.S by workman
10784 Ref. 1/18 Fixation the basic pay less than to his junior ID Sri Ashok Kr. Singh Sr. PA less than to his junior Shri Anandimay Gon, Sr. PA The GM, Chasnalla Colliery of SAIL, Chasnall 25/09/2019 w.s by workman
10785 Ref. 2/18 Regularisation ID Shri Satya Narayan Pandey The GM, Block-II Area of M/s. BCCL, Nawagarh, Dhanbad 25/09/2019 w.s by workman
10786 Ref. 39/16 Not paying overtime allowance ID S/Shri Rabindra Prasad and 32 others The GM, Katras Area of M/s BCCl 24/09/2019 rejoinde by management
10787 Ref. 40/16 Employmet ID Dependent on his father in law of late Dwarika Gope The GM, EJ , Area of M/s. BCCL 24/09/2019 rejoinder by management
10788 Ref. 41/16 Regularisation ID S|/Sh. Mahangu Paswan, Fan operator and Maniklal Bauri. The GM, Lodna Area of M/s. BCCL 24/09/2019 rejoinde by management
10789 Ref. 1/17 Termination ID Shri Sukar Bhuia M/Loader The GM, Sijua Area of M/s. BCCL 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10790 Ref. 2/17 Dismissal ID Sri. Naresh Beldar The GM, Govindpur Area IV of M/s. BCCL 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10791 Ref. 3/17 T ermination ID Sri Sanjay Mahto The CMD, M/S MECON Ltd.,Doranda, Ranchi 24/09/2019 rejoinde by management
10792 Ref. 4/17 Dismissasl ID Sri Mangra Manjhi The GM, Sijua Area of M/s. BCCL 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10793 Ref. 36/16 Superannuation ID Shri Y. K. Vaswani The GM, M/s SAIL, Chanalla Colliery. 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10794 Ref. 37/16 Regularisation ID Sri Ram Binay Shaw as SDL Operator The Chief GM, Bastacolla Area of M/s..BCCL 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10795 Ref. 38/16 Employmet ID Shri Sumit Manjhi dependent S/o of late Piyari Manjhian The GM, Katras Area of f M/s. BCCL,Sijua Dhanbad. 24/09/2019 W.S by workman
10796 Ref. 21/16 Termination ID Sri Surendra Kumar Management of L.I.C of India, Bhagalpur. 19/09/2019 W.S by workman
10797 Ref. 22/16 Termination ID Sri Kamwar Kumar Management of M/s. North east Refrigeration a Contractor of IOCL Refinery 19/09/2019 W.S by workman
10798 Ref. 24/16 Dismissal ID Sri Jitu Singh Lodna Area of M/s. BCCL 19/09/2019 rejoinde by management
10799 Ref. 25/16 Promotion ID Sri. Ganga Das Lodna Area of M/s. BCCL 19/09/2019 rejoinde by workman
10800 Ref. 26/16 Employment ID Smt. Boti Devi Das Mineral Exploration Corp. Ltd. 19/09/2019 rejoinde by management