Cause List

E.g., 04/02/2023
S.No. Case No. Subject Case Type Name of Appellant Respondent Next Date Details Order / Decision Edit
53451 EPF 345/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal GESCOM RPFC, Kalburgi 08/02/2023 Arguments
53452 EPF 355/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Tata Coffee APFC, Chikmagalur 08/02/2023 Arguments
53453 EPF 387/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Geniva Software Technologies (P) Ltd., APFC, Bengaluru 08/02/2023 Arguments
53454 EPF 366/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Sagar & Autotec (P) Ltd., RPFC, Mysuru 06/02/2023 Arguments
53455 EPF 347/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. RPFC, Bengaluru Closed
53456 EPF 353/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Supreme Tile Works APFC, Udupi Closed
53457 EPF 363/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Academy of Medical Education, Commerce & Science PU College APFC, Raichur Closed
53458 EPF 365/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal K.S.Chandrashekhar APFC, Bellary Appeal stands dismissed
53459 EPF 378/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Town Municipal Council(Kundapura Town) APFC, Udupi Dismissed for non-prosecution
53460 EPF 379/2017 Section 7A & 7B EPF Appeal Corvine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., RPFC, Kalburgi closed
53461 EPF 381/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Northern Sky Properties APFC, Mangalore Appeal is Dismissed
53462 EPF 386/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal N.S.L.Sugars(Thungabhadra )Ltd., APFC, Bellary Appeal is Dismissed
53463 EPF 388/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Enchanting Travels Pvt., Ltd., APFC, Bengaluru Closed
53464 EPF 390/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Farm Superintendent Agricultural Research Station APFC, Bellari Appeal is allowed in part
53465 EPF 392/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Dakshina Kannada Sahakari Sakkare Karkhana Ltd. APFC, Mangalore Closed
53466 EPF 393/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Sri Venkataramana SwamyIdayavardhaka Sangha, Vidyagiri RPFC, Mangalore Closed
53467 EPF 308/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Advance Group RPFC, Bengaluru 21/04/2023 Arguments
53468 EPF 300/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Bloom Crafts Apparels Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore 20/04/2023 Arguments
53469 EPF 321/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Milestone Aluminium Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore 20/04/2023 Arguments oral / written
53470 EPF 303/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Hotel Pranam APFC, Bengaluru 18/04/2023 Arguments
53471 EPF 329/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Karnataka University RPFC, Hubbali 06/04/2023 Arguments
53472 EPF 337/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal The Primary Co-operative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank APFC, Bengaluru 29/03/2023 Arguments
53473 EPF 316/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Karnataka State Women's University RPFC, Kalaburgi 24/03/2023 Arguments
53474 EPF 325/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Gemini Stell Tubes APFC, Bangalore 24/03/2023 Arguments oral / written
53475 EPF 317/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Wintac Limited RPFC, Bengaluru 23/03/2023 Arguments
53476 EPF 333/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. RPFC, Mysuru 20/03/2023 Arguments
53477 EPF 334/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Shimoga Steels Ltd. APFC, Mysuru 20/03/2023 Arguments
53478 EPF 313/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Auma India Pvt Ltd APFC, Bangalore 13/03/2023 Argument
53479 EPF 299/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal English Blazer RPFC, Bangalore 10/03/2023 Objection Statement
53480 EPF 296/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Geneva Industries Ltd APFC, Bangalore 06/03/2023 Arguments
53481 EPF 338/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Raitahul Muslameen Educational Trust APFC, Mysore 03/03/2023 Objection Statement
53482 EPF 294/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Srinivasa Cardiology Center Pvt Ltd APFC, Bengaluru 28/02/2023 Arguments
53483 EPF 326/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Raichand Pasvir Textile Pvt Ltd APFC, Hubli 28/02/2023 Arguments
53484 EPF 328/2017 Section 14B 7Q EPF Appeal Bhagya Lakshmi Industries APFC, Ballari 28/02/2023 Arguments
53485 EPF 342/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Arkeshwara Vidya Samsathe APFC,Mysuru 20/02/2023 Appearance
53486 EPF 324/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal SGB Agencies RPFC, Shivamogga 16/02/2023 Arguments
53487 EPF 332/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Express Publication (Madras) Ltd. RPFC, Hubbali 15/02/2023 Arguments
53488 EPF 304/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Airlink Wireless Pvt Ltd APFC, Bengaluru 13/02/2023 Arguments
53489 EPF 339/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Target Detective & Security Force RPFC, Shivamogga 10/02/2023 Objection Statement
53490 EPF 318/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal L.T. Karle & Co. RPFC, Bangalore 08/02/2023 Arguments
53491 EPF 305/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Advance Group RPFC, Bengaluru 06/02/2023 Objection Statement
53492 EPF 307/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Ionidea Interactive Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore 06/02/2023 Arguments
53493 EPF 315/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Karle International Pvt Ltd RPFC, Bangalore 06/02/2023 Arguments
53494 EPF 295/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Karnataka Cement Pipe Factory APFC, Raichur Closed
53495 EPF 297/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Geneva Industries Ltd APFC, Bangalore Appeal is allowed in part
53496 EPF 298/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal Scotty Garments Ltd APFC, Bangalore Closed
53497 EPF 301/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Shiva Shakthi Facilities India Pvt Ltd APFC, Bengaluru Appeal is dismissed for non-prosecution
53498 EPF 302/2017 Section 7A EPF Appeal Mahila Samakhya, Karnataka RPFC & others, Bangalore Closed
53499 EPF 306/2017 Section 14B EPF Appeal OM Sairam Environmental Services Pvt Ltd APFC, Bengaluru Closed
53500 EPF 309/2017 Section 14B & 7Q EPF Appeal Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd (Unit-I) RPFC, Bangalore closed